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There is a stigma about the world moving too fast and technological means “exploding” every few seconds with new trends and developments. As some still believe that we ought to build a wall to protect ourselves from it, others are ready to dive into the progress as if it was a new swimming pool in their backyard. No matter which team do you root for, writing such an essay could be an easy task if you follow these tips.

Sharing Your Story

A great way to share your story, your opinion, your vision, your life and your everything lies on YouTube. Nowadays it is trendy to share, and what is a better way to do it so the whole world can hear you? There have been major discussions on sociology, politics, trends erupting from YouTube, and anyone in equal measures could be a part of any movement. That is why, from the tiniest story to the biggest, YouTube creates the opportunity for your voice to be heard, and that is definitely an argument you could use in your essay.

Doing What You Love

Just browsing through the categories on YouTube could make your eyes pop. From music to trailers, from sport events to dances, from recipes to live blogs of events, YouTube has it all. It allows people to share their love, and you can clearly see it in the hour-long video of dance practices, or in cool special effects videos created by fans. Millions of people get inspired to create something new every day because of some video they have seen.

Connecting with Others

YouTube is a giant international web that gives you a great outlook on how the world is in other countries. You can follow bloggers from all over the globe and get immersed in their language and culture. A traditional recipe or a folk song, anything is just a click away. If you make your own content, it is also a great tool to hear feedback, and though the Internet may be harsh sometimes, unexpected praise can also become a part of your routine. Not to mention how many people you can get acquainted without even leaving your room.

Learning Possibilities

Every day we hear stories about people who learned amazing things from YouTube, whether it is making a perfect sponge cake or skating up the rail. Easily sharing knowledge and absorbing knowledge might be one of the best pro-YouTube arguments you could make. Whenever we do not know something, and have no money to engage in teachers or books, we often turn to the free giant web. It is also a great tool to explore your hobbies and find out what you really like, in terms of art, music, crafts and so on.

Language Tool

A great way to access to billions of native speakers, YouTube provides a platform where you can learn languages easily, whether by practicing in your own videos, or listening to other users. It does not require much effort at all as you can just listen to your favorite bloggers and learn set expressions, slang and enjoy their content in the process.

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