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Did you dream about traveling, still, various circumstances always arose on your way? Then, we have good news for you. Today, there is no need to have the higher education or “a fat wallet” to discover the world. All you need is already with you! These are two hands and an enormous desire to work and communicate.

Seasonal work is an excellent opportunity to plunge into the language environment and understand how other people live. The disadvantages of such occupation include heavy physical labor, little time allotted for rest, as well as unforeseen circumstances an employee may fall into. To the choice of seasonal job, an employee and an employer should approach seriously: it is necessary to discuss all the issues of interest, but it is better to follow the verified recommendations. In addition, you need to decide on the choice of work that you have to perform, as well as to assess realistically your capabilities.

Basic Options for Seasonal Work

For the summer period, you can choose occupation at tourist resorts. In the winter season, employees are always required to ski centers: It can be vacancies for animators, waiters, or helpers in the kitchen.

There is a large selection of work on harvesting fruits and vegetables. This work is good because it does not require good language knowledge. Moreover, it allows you to earn money and get to know the life of people in another country.

Finland – Strawberry Fields Forever

The main kind of seasonal employment in the country is harvesting forest berries such as blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries. Also, you can go to the plantations of strawberries or pick potatoes. If you plan to get a job in another country in a certain time in the year, you should start preparing documents in advance. The beginning of the harvest season for berries and vegetables in Finland cannot be exactly determined. It all depends on the weather conditions and the speed of the berry ripening.

For seasonal occupation in Finland, it is necessary to obtain a work visa: It is drawn up on the basis of the employer's contract. Take care of filing of the documents for a visa in advance, since its registration takes much longer than the usual tourist visa. It is better to do these 2-3 months before the beginning of the labor contract.



In Norway, seasonal employees are often required for agricultural or livestock farms. The main types of work are weeding, pruning the garden, picking berries, haymaking, and caring and cleaning animals. In this country, you can get to a rather exotic work, such as a fish ripper, and also there is a work on salting and packing fish products.

Students with a good knowledge of English can get a job for a summer period in a recreation camp for children or serving staff at hotels. To stay on the seasonal job, which does not exceed 90 days, it will be enough to have a work visa. Find more working opportunities on this website!

In order to get a job in Norway, it is necessary to reach the age of 18 and have a labor agreement with the employer.

Basic requirements to working conditions for seasonal employees in Norway:

  • Salary should correspond to the scale of payment in the given industry or collective agreement of the enterprise;
  • Labor relations must have agreement and permission from the Norwegian Labor Administration;
  • The work must be full-time, it is also possible to divide it into several proposals from different employers.


Spain is one of the countries where you can go to seasonal agricultural work. It is attractive to foreigners from all over the world. The main advantages of such work in Spain are favorable climate, good wages, and the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Here, employees have to collect olives, oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, or grapes. With a good knowledge of Spanish, you can get a job in a hotel or find a vacancy such as a guide for tourists. Salary depends on the amount of cut yield. Even with the fact that you have to pay for housing and food, in Spain, you can make good money.


Disneyland Employees

Most often seasonal employees are required in France for agricultural work, in parks, and hotel business. The period of work can be very different; it depends on the location of the province and its climate. Thus, cherry and strawberry harvesting takes place in May-June. The cropping period of vegetables lasts from June to September. The harvest season for apples is September-October.

A trip to seasonal work in France requests a visa for 3 months on the basis of a contract with the employer. If the period of seasonal employment exceeds 90 days, then a residence permit is issued for the period of the working contract.

The largest employers in the field of tourism are Disneyland Paris and Asterix Park. If you want to get a job for the summer season in this industry, you should start searching from February.

The Netherlands

The country is famous for a wide variety of vacancies for seasonal employees. Most often, the workforce is required in greenhouses because the Netherlands is the leading country in the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, and fruits. The contract, usually, is issued for 6 months and the payment is approximately €6 per hour.

In addition to agricultural work in Holland, you can get a job for construction work. Especially popular professions are assemblers, welders, and fitters. You can find seasonal occupation in the Netherlands both independently and via special companies with job banks.

As you can see, there is a great variety of options where to go in search of the best job. All you need is to determine the place of destination on the globe, the conditions you would like to work under, and approximate salary.

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