Impacts of Tourism: Negative Points

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Tourism is considered to be mostly positive phenomenon in people’s minds. However, it is not clear, despite economic and social benefits. According to a great amount of researches it may have a negative influence on country’s and local community’s life. In the article, major disadvantages of tourism are illustrated. These can be helpful for writing an essay or speech on this topic.

Environment Damaged

To develop tourism sphere in certain country special infrastructure has to be build. Often it is located on previously indigenous areas. That means plants and trees which were grown there will be destroyed and animal’s natural habitat will be replaced with modern buildings. Moreover, such processes lead to pollution of soil, water and air which make local people and live creatures suffer from various illnesses, uncomfortable life conditions and so on. In addition, the increase of the general amount of hotels, restaurants, cafés results in more emissions, rubbish, pests, rats etc.

Loss of Identity

It is true that locals may try to adapt to the incomers’ needs in order to increase the profit, for instance. It leads to the loss of cultural and ethnical identity. The national spirit and ideology are often put on the second plan. People change their fests and traditions with an eye to catch more tourists’ attention and be amusing for them. In such conditions, it is quite hard to protect the native history and mentality as everything is adapted to incomers’ tastes.

Money Wasting

In order to make the country attractive for foreigners, the government has to invest a large amount of resources in infrastructure creating, building roads and bridges, tourism centers, ancient architecture reconstruction. At that time economic benefits aren’t held by local people as a rule. Big enterprises, restaurants’ and hotels’ nettings get almost all profit. Moreover, tourist service jobs are usually seasonal, and many employers try to avoid taxes.

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Tourism business is quite unstable thing as many events can affect it suddenly. Natural cataclysms, terrorist attacks, national crisis, changing of government and so on all these may have a negative impact on this sphere. One day can change concern from the high to low, that way locals lose their job, resources for a living etc.

Crime Level

It is true that high rush of tourists increases crime rate in the city or even in the whole country. The amount of drunken people or drug addicted becomes incredibly big. There are more thieves, kidnappers and murderers, that way police have more work to do. The government has to invest more money in a security of citizens. However, there are still many unsolved crimes.

All in all, despite tourism is a profitable sphere for human’s activity, it still has many disadvantages for a country and its citizens. The government should plan programs of tourists’ acceptance well and try to make their being in foreign place secure and safe. It is a great challenge for locals as well because it is quite hard to protect national and cultural identity and be amusing for incomers at the same time.

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