Essay: Remembering Unpleasant Childhood Experiences

Child Crying

If you remember your childhood as a sum of perfectly happy moments, good for you. But if there exists something more than just green grass, bright sun, and your parents’ smiles, and that something is rather difficult to bear, then this article may be of some interest to you. So, what’s your idea of childhood?

Myth of Childhood as the Most Carefree Time

Of course, you may say that soft and joyful memories prevail, but if you think a bit longer you may remember some unpleasant moments on the background. And when you start thinking it over, spinning those memories around, you happen to be not so sure about your primary standpoint yet. Why? Well, because childhood is full of fears, and childhood fears are special without exaggerating.

Notion of Fear as One of the Defining Moments in Childhood

Stating that childhood fears are special, one unavoidably asks what makes them so particular. The answer is obvious: children don’t know much about the world they found themselves thrown into. Those vacuums end up in nothing but different phobias as not everything can be asked and clarified with a swing.

Although the fact is that the fear of asking about something is another fear typical of childhood that goes well beyond childhood itself, that is especially visible in adult life. That ridiculous phobia of entering into social interaction to ask about something is its direct consequence.

What Are the Direct Links of Traumas in Adult Life?

Yes, that is it, social awkwardness is the most widespread effect. But apart from it, we can mention isolation and depression compliancy. It depends on the nature of a trauma, of course, as different impacts can make themselves felt throughout life.

Whatever the reason may be, professional psychologists often pay close attention to it, analyzing thoroughly the past and coming up with interesting conclusions that sometimes can really give a lot to the understanding of the roots of any problem in psyche and behavior.

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How to Work with It?

If you fear the future, you’ve got to work on your present. In fact, any kind of fear is to some extent fear of the future and its unpredictability. First of all, good therapy can do the trick and help a lot as working on the present always begins with determining what’s wrong with it.

Experience shows totally sane people are in minority, no matter which way you look at it. One of the essential parts of good therapy often happens to be delving into the person’s past, and deservedly so, as numerous keys to grasping what’s happening to a patient lie there, as we have already stated it above.

Psychoanalysis is of course one of the most striking examples of such approach. Despite numerous waves of its criticism and crisis, it’s probably here to stay.

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As we see, fears and traumas we get in our childhood influence us directly in our adult life. Lots of people suffer from and do nothing about it. They project their fear or discontent into the outside world. Or, on the contrary, they happen to become reserved and timid.

Everything has to be done in time, so you don’t have to pigeonhole the necessity to contact your psychologist in your time of need. To better understand the nature and the real feeling of childhood dismay (what a weird term it is!), you definitely have to check out some of the most recognizable and musically piercing acts, such as Tears for Fears or Boards of Canada.

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If you don’t believe me, please give it a try and have your say on it.

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