7 Success Tips You Need to Forget ASAP

Simple and understandable tips for all life situations that do not work.

Success Not Working

Numerous recommendations for becoming better, more successful and harmonic person are not just far from reality, but actually harmful sometimes. But people are so used to believe those texts that many of them are perceived as axiome. Still, one of the essay writers from paper4college.com decided that it is time to bust some myths, no matter how beautiful they seem to be.

  • 1. Learn Success from Successful Ones

    Think about these questions next time you find an article about five (or fifty) rules of success:

    1. How many people kept up to those rules and still have reached nothing?
    2. How many people never followed those rules and still became successful?
    3. Maybe, except of those rules, there are not so obvious circumstances that ensure one’s success?

    You will reach success much faster if you spend time becoming a real pro in your field. Becoming a cool specialist is what depends on you, potential glory or richness don’t.

  • 2. Go on a Diet and Lose Weight

    According to statistics, 95% of people who lost their weight because of diets gain their former or even more weight in next 1-5 years.

    If you really want to get rid of excess weight forever, you’ll need to eat healthy and to go in for sports for the rest of your life.

    To lose weight, study everything that refers to the deal precisely. Change your lifestyle that way you could keep up to it all the time.

  • 3. Do You Want to Know About Changing Your Life? See How to Do that in Our New Book!

    We all should thank marketing specialists promoting such books for that template. They are ones who impose a thought about a sense of life being hidden in “growth” and “changing oneself”. It seems that those who don’t read any literature about personal growth don’t want to develop themselves and are losers for sure.

    The point is, these books can’t help on their own. You need to practice what is proposed there. When reading huge tomes of that literature, people get used to a thought they need a piece of advice, help, instructions.

    First, determine what problem you want to solve, and read books on solutions of exactly that problem only after that. Start from simple things. If you don’t have your routine organized, you lack money, have health or personal life problems, start form solving these troubles primary.

    To make personal development books really helpful in your life changing process, treat them as instructions for solving precise problems, not as your success guarantee. And start using gained knowledges in practice right away.

  • 4. Think Only Positively

    Negative thoughts are not always harmful. They can even be useful as anti-suffering vaccine.

    There is a method of negative visualization in psychotherapy, which was borrowed from stoicism philosophy. It is used to help a person to get rid of depression and anxiety feeling. By detailly imagining what is feared most of all, a person learns how to deal with his or her fears effectively.

    Additionally, negative thinking helps to achieve goals, because it makes you think out plan “B”. Exclusively positive thoughts about future make a person unprotected from difficulties which obligatory happen to everyone.

    Do not throw thoughts about troubles and problems away, but always remember about all good you have in your life. This will prepare you to life trials that would happen for sure, but will help you save your ability to be happy of good moments as well.

  • 5. Do not Procrastinate

    Procrastination and Success

    When one procrastinates, he or she still does something during that time. Mostly, this is exactly what is interesting for them particularly.

    Of course, you can’t do only what you like all the time. Delaying important tasks on purpose is a mark of one’s laziness and infantilism, and not of a creative state of one’s mind. Still, this does not mean life to consist of responsibilities only. Distracting for a bit and switching to another kind of activity for some time is good for a person’s overall productivity.

    Procrastination is not always bad. Numerous great inventions and discoveries were made during rests, not behind a working desk. Something that is a procrastination for one person can be a reasonable activity for another human.

    Smartly limited procrastination can be called as “the need”. Just keep an eye on what you do during your procrastination periods. It is possible to distract on something useful for an overall development or important for a life harmony.

  • 6. Follow Your Dream

    This phrase is especially often used when talking about jobs. The point is, a dream itself is not enough. A dream can’t make you a professional. Experience and will make you become the best in your field. That is why you should look for a job that allows you to do what you can do well, and not the job of your dream. You’ll love your job when reaching a success in something that is fine for you.

    To find your favorite business, you don’t need to follow your dream. First you just need to find a job that can feed you. As soon as the one appears, you can think about what you can do best and improve that skill.

  • 7. Don’t Restrain Your Emotions

    It can’t be denied that people who speak about tragical events that happened to them can deal with their sorrow faster than those who keep it all inside. Understanding and acceptance of own feelings is an important aspect of one’s mental and emotional health. But giving yourself a right on emotions does not mean spilling them out onto everyone.

    The fact that you have worries does not make you the saddest person on Earth, and does not mean you should tell about that to everyone urgently.

    When tough times come, don’t restrain your emotions, but don’t give them total freedom as well. Live them through, analyze your feelings and discuss them with the people you trust. This helps to understand your own personality, to control yourself better. And to possibly reach success as a result.  

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