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How to Achieve a Balanced Diet? Student’s Tips. Part 2


Sometimes, it is really hard for the students who have just left the family to keep their spirit up and stay positive. Constant stress, writing essays, homework and other troubles overcome us. But no matter how strange it is, food can help us with it. For example, black chocolate without abuse can stimulate the brain. The chocolate components are even used in some therapies. Obviously, there is no point in banning a burger or a chocolate eclair from time to time.

How to Achieve a Balanced Diet? Student’s Tips. Part 1


It is really important to understand that the consistency of your plate influences your shape, weight, behavior and even your academic skills day after day. So, when you no longer live with your parents, you should think about filling the fridge properly. As always, students simply do not have much time to plan their shopping for food between the exams and walks with friends. As a result, the 17-25-year-olds consume a lot of sandwiches, burgers, pizzas or mac and cheese, taken in a hurry to appease their hunger as well as skip meals and systematically snack with sweets and candy bars.

How to Write a Research Report. Part 2


Obviously, ideas of every scientist are subjective to a certain extent. Therefore, it will be a good idea to clarify some background biographical information of a person who carries out the research. Why do we need this? This will be a good intention to show potential sources of prejudices and bias and give a reader the understanding of how to evaluate the received results.

How to Write a Research Report. Part 1


If you have carried out practical research, you will need to write a report on it to present your results. Empirical study reports are very different from theoretical survey reports. And here we will tell you how to complete it properly and without common flaws. You can always order similar reports on