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Going to the University After Holidays: Useful Tips. Part 2

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You feel that you need to start doing sports in the new academic year. But what to choose and how much to practice to continue to train all year round? Firstly, sport helps us to be healthy: one of the first virtues of the sport, when it is well chosen, is to reinforce our small weaknesses (a backache, bad posture, lack of endurance, etc.). But that is not all: sport helps us become more beautiful. If you do sports, you can be slenderer, more toned, and thinner.

Going to the University After Holidays: Useful Tips. Part 1

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Returning to the university is approaching. With these tips, you will succeed! We understand that during vacation, you rested and passively spent your precious time. However, now you should go to the previous pace quickly to be a productive and successful student. One of the most effective ways is homework help online. While the experts are engaged in your tasks, you are tuning in for studies. This is an ideal scenario. And we continue.

Have a Schedule: Be Productive and Happy. Part 2

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You can memorize information only if you repeat it many times. You memorize a subject better by reading it and then looking at it several times later than by memorizing everything in one study session. The more times you look at it again, the more info quickly returns: after spending 45 minutes studying the material, you can see it again for 25 minutes three days later, then see it again for 15 minutes six days later, for example.

Have a Schedule: Be Productive and Happy. Part 1

List of Priorities

Many students try to change their study habits and become effective, but they forget about their decision a month later. Sometimes it is difficult to organize your time. In the university, you have to find your work pace on a busy schedule. During the student life, everyone wants to have freedom, spend much time going out and communicating with friends, but school work demands much time too. During the first year of studies, students do not realize that they spend a lot of time doing personal work.

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Your brain can not stay concentrated on the same topic for too long. About every 25 minutes you experience a "decline", so you need to have a break then (drink a cup of tea, do some physical exercises) or start doing another activity not to waste time re-reading your course. This is the reason why you should plan different exercises, subjects, or activities during your study session.