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A Difficult Choice on Whether to Follow Others or One’s Own Way

Discussion at Office

At work, in small groups of people and even in a company of your nearest friends there appears a moment when your point of view doesn’t coincide with the majority’s one. There comes the moment when you must decide for yourself whether to follow others or remain unconvinced. What shall one do to make a right and appropriate decision? This paper by Paper4college writers suggests some ideas concerning that dilemma.

Simple Pleasures to Avoid Stress. Part 2

Quotes About Being Grateful

Sit down with a pen and a notebook and write down at least three things that made your day great. Maybe, you made a new friend, got a new job or bought an amazing pair of shoes that you like. It may seem there was nothing good this day, but pay attention to some small things: you woke up feeling energy in your body, you enjoyed your breakfast this morning, you saw a beautiful flower, you completed some difficult assignments – just write down three good things so that you can look back to this day, smile and know that there were some positive vibes.

Simple Pleasures to Avoid Stress. Part 1

Walking in a Garden

We know that sometimes studying can be stressful, especially when you have different tests and exams or you do not feel comfortable with some teachers. You can also have some difficulties in relationships with your family or be tired of your student job you decided to take to earn more money. Anyway, we have prepared for you some simple but fun things to try to get positive vibes.