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Review of Best Topics for Persuasive Essays


Okay, let’s think that you need to write a persuasive essay, and you are fed up with papers on animal rights, school uniforms, and all those super-popular topics. You want something new, fresh, actual and captivating, but cannot come to the relevant idea. Let us help you on the matter and offer a few suggestions that may seem the right ones for you.

How to Write an E-Mail Like You Mean Business


We think we are polite people who know exactly how to address somebody in a letter or personally. Yeah, we know it but in theory and when it comes to real-life situations, our confidence and all skills just get lost and we end up with a greeting in an e-mail like “Hello, professor, I need you to tell me something”. Texting is the whole other story because there is more and more of this going on in a business sphere.

The Best Sports Idioms You Can Use in Your Essay

Sports and writing

No matter what kind of sport you prefer practicing, the important thing is that you do it regularly and it brings you joy. This was a little motivational speech to make you get off a couch and start exercising. Or at least get that gym membership already. There is a chance you`ll go occasionally because you`ve paid money for this and you don`t want to waste it.

Are Writing Skills Necessary for Millennials?

Pencil and Paper

In the age of modern technologies and Internet, writing skills become not as substantial as they were decades ago. Texting and language simplification became an unstoppable world phenomenon. Nevertheless, ability to express thoughts and emotions properly via papers shows an education level of the writer as well as his/her language competence. Indeed, it is quite easy to judge a person by writing.