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Best Tips on Writing a Scholarship Essay


The amount of money you or your parents have shouldn`t determine your future. At least, that`s how the ideal world works. Look around. Do you find many perfect features in the universe that surrounds you right now? I knew it! So, the rule with money never works. All those banknotes aren`t supposed to decide your fate, but usually, they do, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Analytical, Persuasive, and Critical Writing: What`s the Difference?

Academic Writing

If you have a well-thought-out opinion on a certain matter, why on earth you`re supposed to use weirdly structured patterns in order to fulfill someone`s expectations about your writing abilities? An essay is a way to express your creativity, individuality, and, of course, your opinion on a matter even if it`s a subjective one. Or so you thought. But when the university reality rushed into your life, breaking everything like a powerful hurricane, you realized that academic writing required following the rules.

Cool Idioms with “Get” to Write Essays Like a Native Speaker


Idioms are crazy. If you`re studying any foreign language, you`ll instantly support this idea with nodding in agreement. Because if we chop idioms into pieces, they make absolutely no sense at all. What is the first association that floats on the surface of your imagination when you hear a phrase like “donkey`s ears”? Yep, that`s a real idiom, it`s rare and a bit old-fashioned but it`s still applicable in your essay. It means “a really long time”.

Review of Best Topics for Persuasive Essays


Okay, let’s think that you need to write a persuasive essay, and you are fed up with papers on animal rights, school uniforms, and all those super-popular topics. You want something new, fresh, actual and captivating, but cannot come to the relevant idea. Let us help you on the matter and offer a few suggestions that may seem the right ones for you.

How to Write an E-Mail Like You Mean Business


We think we are polite people who know exactly how to address somebody in a letter or personally. Yeah, we know it but in theory and when it comes to real-life situations, our confidence and all skills just get lost and we end up with a greeting in an e-mail like “Hello, professor, I need you to tell me something”. Texting is the whole other story because there is more and more of this going on in a business sphere.